Statewide Advertising Networks do the job!

Nearly every state has a program that offers the opportunity to purchase advertising in local newspapers throughout the state at deeply discounted rates as a package buy. Many offer more than one size, regional options of smaller geographic areas, and often both a display and classified choice.

Why it works:

These are the most effective ad buys available when you compare the cost per view to any other media. Circulation is more than 1 million in many states, and the ad is reaching customers in their local newspaper, next to content that is important to them. Most participating newspapers are paid circulation, a proven method of getting the results you want.

Reserve your space promptly

Because these programs are highly discounted, only a few spots are available each week. To your guarantee the dates you want, reserve as early as possible. Payment in advance is required before ads run, and may be necessary to hold certain dates as the available positions fill up.

Why order here:

Herald Journal Publishing of Winsted, Minn. is a member of our state association and an authorized agent to place ads into networks across the country. Our staff members are experts at handling the steps necessary to complete an order, as well as arranging a package if you are interested in multiple states. Like an advertising agency, we can take care of doing all the background work to get your ad where you need it to be in one simple order.