When does an ad run?

Each participating newspaper runs your ad one time during the one-week period that was ordered. Daily newspapers typically run the ad on their day of greatest circulation.

What size is an ad?

Most states offer at least two size options – often a 2-column by 2-inch ad and a 2-column by 4-inch ad. Some states have other sizes available, including a quarter-page size.

Each state association has determined a standard measurement for ads that its papers will accept. A common width is 3.75 inches.

If you’re planning to advertise in more than one state, we will make sure that your ad meets the specifications for each state.

How many papers does an ad run in?

Each state is different in how many newspapers have agreed to participate in its network. Of course, not every paper is included, but there are always enough participating to make the program a valuable buy. Each state’s page gives the details on number of participants.

Can I run my ad consecutive weeks?

Yes, we encourage advertisers to run consecutive weeks for the best results.

However, there are limits on the number of total ads allowed each week. For example, Minnesota allows only 8 ads per week; after three or more consecutive weeks, an advertiser may be asked to skip a week if other customers are waiting for a turn.

What is the circulation?

The circulation listed on the state pages is the number of households that receive the newspapers in the program. In almost every case, these are paid-circulation publications. Many participating papers also run the program ads in their free-distribution shoppers as well, but these numbers are not included in the stated circulation.

For actual readership, the industry standard is to multiply circulation times 2.3 readers per copy to determine the number of people who will read the papers.

How do I reserve dates, and can I cancel?

You may reserve ad space at any time, but your payment guarantees a run date. Most states limit the number of ads per week, and the first customers to make payment override any unpaid space reservations.

You may cancel an ad run up until the stated deadline, but after that it is too late to stop distribution of the ad.

What are payment terms?

Because many entities are involved in making these programs work, and the rates are highly discounted, payment in advance is necessary for all statewide ads.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express, or you may pay with a PayPal account. Checks must be received and cleared before the advertising deadline.

Are there other geographic options?

Many states have regional options available if you need to target only a certain area(s) rather than an entire state.

If you need to be even more specific, we can put together a custom order using only specific newspapers. There isn’t nearly the discount available in this case, but we will do all the work for you in verifying column sizes, placing the ads, and handling the details with one order.

What limitations and exclusions are there?

Each state sets its own policy on the type of ads that may be included in the program. Often, political ads and those advocating a social agenda do not qualify. Additionally, each newspaper may choose to not run a specific ad based on its content.

If you are uncertain about your ad meeting acceptability standards in the area you are targeting, we will gladly verify this for you before the ad is placed.

Can you produce the ad for me?

Yes, we can professionally design and lay out the ad copy. You will proof and give final approval before it runs. There may be a small production charge based on the extent of the work involved. You will need to supply any logos, artwork, etc. necessary to create the ad.

Of course, if you have an ad already prepared, simply email us a pdf.

How do I know if my ad ran?

Upon request, state programs provide tearsheets from two separate participating newspapers proving publication of an ad, or an affidavit of performance.

On rare occasions, an individual newspaper may mistakenly miss running an ad as ordered. The program standard is that every ad will run in at least 90 percent of the participating newspapers each week.

In case of major human error, makegoods or refunds are handled on a case by case basis.

What tracking options are there?

The discounted programs do not have built-in tracking methods, however, we highly encourage you to monitor your results. This may be through special phone numbers or contact points.

Our sales staff habitually attempts to follow up with customers to determine an ad’s performance and make decisions to maintain or improve future efforts.

How do I make an effective ad?

As with any marketing, effective ads come down to the basics:

• give enough information for readers to understand your offer and make a buying decision
• include a price whenever possible
• avoid uncommon abbreviations
• proofread carefully – avoid errors
• stress benefits of your product/service to the reader; include a “call to action.”
• include complete contact information, and multiple options if possible

Another way to put it is to say every ad should answer these questions: Why should I buy this product? Why should I buy it now? Why should I buy it from you?

Can I have color in my ad?

Sorry, because these ads are discounted more than 70 percent in most cases, and due to the press capabilities involving hundreds of newspapers, color is not included as an option in state-wide advertising programs.

Can I run ads online?

Some states have programs to also run statewide ads online on their member newspapers’ websites. Information is listed on each state page, or just call us and we’ll gather the available options for you.

Do you have any other products or services?

Yes! Herald Journal and Greater MN Communications is a full-service marketing and fulfillment agency. In addition to placing advertising as an agency would do, we have our own internal commercial printing, signs/graphics, and web development departments. Of course, we have a full design department to handle all marketing design needs.

Just call us at 800-567-8303, or browse our services here:

Printing and Direct Mail

Signs, Banners, Vinyl Lettering, Etc.

Web Services

Why should I buy from you?

Herald Journal and Greater MN Communication’s company history goes back to newspaper publishing in the 1800s. Since the 1990s, we have aggressively expanded our marketing services, including managing statewide advertising placement.

We have successfully served more than 700 customers in state and regional ad program placement. Our staff is experienced in handling the numerous variables involved when dealing with multiple publishers so that your involvement is simplified to placing one order. Our experience also allows us to make recommendations on how to achieve the best results from your marketing dollars.

Our complete contact information is listed below and we are available to consult as you wish.